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Who said you can't dance to modern jazz? One thing is for sure, it wasn't the Liberati Quartet. Since the band started in 2015, they've had a clear mission: to rock the house. Complex melodies are combined with heavy grooves, seasoned with abstract soundscapes, spiced up with a fat blues lick here and there, and served with the explosiveness of four young lions. Think Chris Potter Underground meets Dali, Kurt Rosenwinkel in a sweatshop. Expect lots of energy, adventure, and most of all: groove. Add to that an unstoppable urge to leave the beaten track, and you've got a perfect recipe for a great gig. Liberati Quartet consists of virtuosos Edoardo Liberati on guitar and compositions and Jesse Schilderink on sax. They are kept in check by bassist Marijn van de Ven and drummer Denis Baeten, but the relations between them are by no means fixed: those will be fought on stage. After a successful first three years (recorded two EP's, won the Erasmus Jazz Prize, played at North Sea Jazz Festival, toured all over Europe, opened for the Ploctones), it was time for a full-fledged debut album. This album, titled Countertime, came out in spring 2019 and searches for a common place between progressive jazz, absurdism, groove, and most of all: freedom. How could it be otherwise with a name like that? Don't forget the name: Liberati Quartet!

Liberati Quartet

Like Minds Whatch: Imaginary Day    I´ll Take My Devil To Dance   

Like Minds is a project created and led by Edoardo Liberati, consisting of an unusual line-up of nine musicians. Even though the musical foundations are written by Liberati, the band also works as a collective, always seeking new sounds and striving to expand modern jazz in a creative way. This results in refreshing compositions with a broad sound, glued together by a strong narrative character and deeply inspired by renowned large ensemble composers such as Kenny Wheeler, Maria Schneider and John Hollenbeck. The lyrics, written by Laura Vanden Heede, take you along on an imaginary journey, guiding and caressing you, until you feel like you just woke up from a surreal dream.

Like minds

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