``Edoardo Liberati Synthetics``

Edoardo Liberati Synthetics was born in 2019 out of the wish to continue something started years earlier.

The leader, Edoardo, created and curated the project Liberati Quartet during his previous experience in the Netherlands, where he had lived and musically developed.
He then decided to go back to Rome, his native city, still refining and working on his composing ideas.

The music Edoardo writes for this project has many stylistic influences deriving from the most Contemporary Jazz currents, which naturally drift into Latin Jazz, yet keeping his ears open to more traditional jazz periods.

Indeed, his music goal is to create a common thread among genres apparently different and sometimes contrasting.

Diversity is his main focus, like a painter combines different colors in the making of a picture.

Edoardo Liberati Synthetics recorded its first album which will be released in Spring 2022 by the Italian label GleAM Records.

The record will be spiced up with the team-up with the Tuscan clarinet player Nico Gori (Stefano Bollani, Fred Hersch, etc.) and other guests.

Each song is going to be a different journey for the listener, in terms of arrangement, timber and line-up.

The storytelling will be strongly enriched by ad hoc arrangements for large ensembles (nonet, septet), small ensembles (quartet, trio, duo) and solo performances.

Edoardo Liberati


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